The first scraper reclaimer ever to blend and reclaim coal in a power station was a SCHADE reclaimer installed at the VKR power station (today EON) in Scholven, Germany, a milestone for modern coal handling operations with automated stockpile systems. The initial machine was designed as cantilever scraper reclaimer which, throughout the years proved to be a perfect equipment for outdoor operation.

The cantilever scraper reclaimer travels on a track arranged along one side of the stockpile and features a boom with doublestrand chain and scraper blades. If used in combination with the Strata stacking method, a SCHADE invention, a certain degree of homogenization of the stored material can be obtained. Even nowadays, the cantilever scraper reclaimer remains the most economical solution for small open air stockyards up to 30 m span and has the distinctive advantage of being a flexible, light weight machine.