A design outstanding for its versatility, developed by SCHADE, is the portal bridge reclaimer which, in contrary to the conventional bridge-type reclaimers, has the distinctive advantage of reclaiming and blending several stockpiles of various bulk materials arranged in line. This multiple purpose blending bed system is served with just one single reclaimer, a major asset when discussing investment costs and simple operating conditions. The multi-purpose portal bridge reclaimer combines the benefits of the bridge-type and the portal scraper reclaimer. Travelling on two rails (1) alongside the stock, same as the conventional bridge reclaimer, this machine features a portal structure (3) reaching high enough to clear the pile.

The horizontal scraper boom carries a roller-mounted sledge (5) moving back and forth driven by a rope winch (6). Being connected to the lower end of the harrow (7), the sledge drags the same along the horizontal scraper boom. The upper end of the harrow is mounted on rollers fitted to the top of the triangular jib (8).The same rollers guide the harrow cables and control the cable tension through a counterweight (9) supported by both trolleys (2).The jib’s inclination matches the bulk material’s natural angle of repose. The back and forth movement of the sledge drags the harrow like a wiper across the pile slope. The material trickling down is captured by the chain (10) of the horizontal scraper boom to be transferred in a steady flow to the reclaiming conveyor arranged alongside the stockpile. The high blending effect is achieved by the constant movement of the harrow across the entire section of the stockpile. To change from one pile to the other, the scraper boom with its sledge and scraper chain is lifted above the piles, hence allowing to travel along the stockpiles.

A further asset is the ability to lift the scraper boom into an inclined position, thus allowing to attack the pile side like a normal portal reclaimer with inclined scraper boom. This additional particular feature of the portal bridge reclaimer has the benefit of ensuring not only homogenization but also reclaim of frozen stockpiles, pile areas representing a fire hazard or reclaim from compartments.