The maximum blending effect is no doubt achieved with the bridge-type scraper reclaimer combined with the relevant stacking method.

SCHADE’s first bridge-type scraper reclaimer was installed in 1975 to homogenize and reclaim 350 t/h abrasive limestone. The scraper chain on this machine achieved a lifetime of 5 years with 24 hour continuous operation. Of special design is a 50 m span bridge-type reclaimer for 1.125 t/h coal installed in a German power plant. Apart from the fact that the scraper chain of this reclaimer achieved a lifetime of 15 years, this bridge-type reclaimer has the particularity of serving two parallel blending beds. With its bogies of special design allowing a 90° rotation, the reclaimer can be moved between the piles on rails arranged at right angle at the end of the stockyard without the use of a transfer carriage.

Further examples are a 56 m span bridge-type reclaimer for homogenization of limestone with a reclaim capacity of 1.200 t/h or a blending bed with a 2.000 t/h reclaim capacity in a coal mine in South Africa. Recent applications reach up to 60 m rail span and reclaim capacities of more than 2.200 t/h.

Bridge-Type Scraper Reclaimer
Material discharge onto the collecting conveyor is made either over a concrete ramp arranged alongside the whole length of the blending bed or an inclined drag trough. This inclined drag trough forming an integrated part of the scraper bridge located at the scraper chain’s discharge end, travels with the machine while loading the reclaimed material onto the belt conveyor.