In many industries large quantities of bulk materials have to be stored between process steps. As an additional function, such buffer storage systems are often used to homogenise material qualities or to blend different products. If the quantity of the material exceeds a certain magnitude, automatic stockyard equipment from SCHADE becomes the first choice for efficient and reliable operation of storage systems.

SCHADE offers the largest variety of stackers and scraper reclaimers to suit storage applications in mining, cement, power and chemical plants, as well as in harbour terminals. Stackers and Reclaimers are offered for a handling rate between 100 t/h and 5.000 t/h. Covered storage systems are available for up to 200.000 t in a single building. Open air stockyards are only limited by the length of the available area. Stockpile widths can reach up to 60m. Depending on the project preferences, machines can be supplied to serve either circular or rectangular stockyards.