Rail Car Dump Station

 The SAMSON™ Surface Feeder offers substantial benefits for rail car discharge requiring a very shallow pit, generally only 3.5 metres in depth, to provide a high holding capacity and a controlled rate discharge direct to the following conveyor system. Extended or twin feeder installations allow multiple rail cars to be dumped simultaneously providing up to 500 tons of hopper capacity.

Using the wide Apron-Belt principle the SAMSON™ is the ideal solution for handling virtually any bulk material from dry and dusty powders through to heavy mineral ores and even wet sticky sludge without risk of bridging or blockage guaranteeing a reliable discharge under all conditions.

The shallow pit design eliminates the very deep excavations (often down to 14 metres) necessary for conventional track hoppers thereby reducing civil works costs, particularly in area subject to high water table or in rocky ground.

Since the material free fall is much reduced dust generation is similarly reduced requiring smaller dust plant with reduced capital and operating costs.