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Stormajor™ Radial Boom Stacker
Universal Mobile Loader

The Stormajor™ opens new possibilities for Stockpiling, Barge Loading and Rail Car Loading with the unique benefit of complete mobility offering high performance, universal application and complete flexibility to receive material direct from tipping trucks or shovels or even grab cranes without permanent civil works or any fixed equipment.


By combining a SAMSON™ Surface Feeder with a Radial Outloading Boom onto a single mobile chassis the Stormajor™ offers the performance of a fixed loading system with the benefit of complete flexibility eliminating the need for any permanent infrastructure.

Available with a wide range of specialised options specifically designed for each type of application the Stormajor™ may be tailored for your specific requirements.

Using the cantilevered slewing outloading boom the Stormajor™ is compact and offers vast stacking capacity to 15 metres height with the minimum of machine movements and loading rates to 1,500 tons per hour.

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