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Thông tin về Reiners & Fuerst - Phụ tùng kéo sợi

Reiners & Fuerst - Phụ tùng kéo sợi

The Reiners + Fürst brand is a global synonym for rings and travellers of famously high and guaranteed top quality. Its innovative and highly skilled engineers are constantly working to set new standards in quality and economy of the ring spinning process. In addition our on-site presence all over the world provides us with up-to-date information of the latest market requirements. The combined consequences are ongoing, innovative, economical solutions made in Germany, made by R+F and made to safeguard your process. Its main product lines are spinning rings and steel travellers for ringspinning frames and twisting machines. But also Nylon travellers and devices which improve the daily work in the spinning mill belong to our range of products. Reiners + Fürst spinning components are used on ring spinning frames of all major producers such as Oerlikon Schlafhorst Zinser, Rieter, Toyota, Lakshmi, KTTM und Marzoli. Reiners + Fürst là thương hiệu toàn cầu cho nồi và khuyên kéo sợi nổi tiếng bởi chất lượng đỉnh cao và đảm bảo