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Thứ 7, Ngày 18, Tháng 01, Năm 2020
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Máy Đánh Đống

Máy Đánh Đống

Hãng sản xuất : Aumund-Vận chuyển VL rời

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Depending on the stacking method defined by the type of stockyard, buffer or blending bed, stacking in open stockyards of longitudinal shape is performed with stackers equipped with a travelling and a luffing or luffing and slewing mechanism. Feeding of the stacker itself is made by a belt conveyor with tripper car.

SCHADE stackers are equipped with different counterweight arrangements and the luffing mechanism of the stacker is driven either by a hydraulic drive unit or a winch. The PLC of the stacker is programmed to control the preset stacking method. The Chevron and Cone Shell stacking method require a travelling and luffing stacker, while the Strata stacking method needs a luffing and slewing stacker. The Strata stacking method is a SCHADE development to allow homogenization of coal of various types and quality grades. With the Strata stacking method the stockpile is built up in inclined layers.

The stacker builds the first layer travelling along the storage area with its boom in a lowered position. The stacker then moves towards the stockyard centre in pre-set steps while gradually lifting the boom. The result are superimposed inclined layers matching the angle of repose of the bulk material and providing a good blending degree as the scraper reclaimer cuts with its scraper chain into each of the many layers at the pile flank. Covered stockyards in A-frame buildings require a tripper car installed in a structure suspended from the building roof. The travel of the tripper car is PLC controlled and programmed to either build a Cone Shell or a Chevron stockpile, depending on the type of reclaimer, i.e. bridge-type, portal or cantilever and the desired rate of homogenisation.

If various bulk materials have to be stacked into two or more compartments within a storage building, the SCHADE product range offers a shuttle conveyor with reverse travel ensuring distribution of the material with the desired stacking method.

Máy Đánh Đống
Máy Đánh Đống
Máy Đánh Đống
Máy Đánh Đống
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