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Kho tròn với máy đánh đống và dỡ đống dạng cần

Kho tròn với máy đánh đống và dỡ đống dạng cần

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An achievement born out of the need for systems requiring less space for large storage quantities is the circular stacker/reclaimer, a prominent SCHADE domain. Depending on the application and the desired results, the circular stacker / reclaimer is either built with a cantilever reclaimer, a portal or a bridge-type reclaimer. While the cantilever scraper reclaimer is used for buffer storage, the circular stacker with bridge-type reclaimer is meant for storage and homogenization.

Feeding of the stockyard is generally made with a slewing stacker receiving the material from a fixed belt conveyor. The slewing stacker deposits the material in the Cone Shell method. Whenever a pile has reached the preset height, the stacker advances one step turning around its centre.The stockpile is built up in a simple automatic manner. Reclaiming is made from the inner slope with the cantilever scraper reclaimer mainly comprising the scraper boom supporting the double-strand scraper chain and the wear-proof shovels. The scraper boom advances in a circular movement scraping the inner slope of the pile. Whenever it has described the preset slewing range, the boom is lowered by a preset step determining the cutting depth. The reclaimed material is guided into the central discharge chute leading to the reclaiming conveyor.

The combined circular stacker/ cantilever reclaimer allows for simultaneous stacking and reclaiming and both functions operate totally independent which guarantees a high degree of flexibility. All stacking and reclaiming steps are PLC controlled for fully automatic operation. Stacker/Reclaimers for open circular stockyards were first installed by SCHADE in the late sixties for the chemical industry, in the late seventies for limestone storage in cement plants in India, followed by the early eighties for woodchip storage in the USA.

With stringent environmental regulations and the increasing demand for protection of the stored material, roofed in, closed storages became more and more popular. The first stacker / reclaimer in a covered circular stockyard was designed and built by SCHADE in 1988 for stacking, storing and reclaiming of 95,000 m3 coal in a 97 m diameter storage. Among the SCHADE giants feature 9 circular stockyards operating in a harbour in Taiwan. The storage buildings of these units commissioned between 1997 and 2002 have a diameter of 120 m and the equipment reaches a stacking capacity of 4.000 t/h and a reclaim capacity of 2.000 t/h. Each unit allows to store 180,000 t. Depending on the application, circular storages are also built with portal or semi-portal scraper reclaimers.

Kho tròn với máy đánh đống và dỡ đống dạng cần
Kho tròn với máy đánh đống và dỡ đống dạng cần
Kho tròn với máy đánh đống và dỡ đống dạng cần
Kho tròn với máy đánh đống và dỡ đống dạng cần
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