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Hệ thống gầu nâng đôi BW-D

Hệ thống gầu nâng đôi BW-D

Hãng sản xuất : Aumund-Vận chuyển VL rời

Ứng dụng : 

- Xi măng

- Luyện kim

- Điện lực

Vận chuyển năng suất cao đến hơn 1,300 t/h và chiều cao đến hơn 60m.

Higher kiln capacities and new grinding processes in the cement industry demand bucket elevators with conveying capacities of over 1,300 t/h plus centre distances of over 60 m. These applications are satisfied by the type BW-D AUMUND double-strand bucket elevator. By combining two standard bucket elevators with central chain, the conveying capacity can be doubled.

Hệ thống gầu nâng đôi BW-D

Silo feeding with a double Bucket Elevator

The illustration of the drive head shows both bucket strands on a common drive shaft mounted to pedestal type bearing housings. Using the tandem drive arrangement permits economical sizing of each drive unit and more uniform torsional stress distribution throughout the head shaft length. In this manner the drive power is applied more evenly and the total weight of the drive assembly minimized.

Both bucket strands run without a mechanical connection between and in a common housing. The chutes in the feed zone apportion the conveyed material to the bucket strands via an electrical distributor.

Both sprocket wheels with their tension axles are separately encased in maintenance free special Ni-Hard bearings. This arrangement accommodates varying chain wear rates and consequent elongation.

Hệ thống gầu nâng đôi BW-D
Hệ thống gầu nâng đôi BW-D
Hệ thống gầu nâng đôi BW-D
Hệ thống gầu nâng đôi BW-D
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