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Các sản phẩm SHADE

Máy đánh đống/ dỡ đống kết hợp
The combined stacker / scraper reclaimer introduced in 1973 for installation in a coking plant in Germany was developed and patented by SCHADE.
Kho tròn với máy đánh đống và dỡ đống dạng cần
An achievement born out of the need for systems requiring less space for large storage quantities is the circular stacker/reclaimer, a prominent SCHADE domain. Depending on the application and the desired results, the circular stacker / reclaimer is either built with a cantilever reclaimer, a portal ...
Kho tròn với máy đánh đống và cào dỡ đống dạng cầu
If homogenization of the stored bulk material is required, a bridge-type scraper reclaimer replaces the cantilever scraper reclaimer. Circular stockpiles with bridge-type scraper reclaimer for homogenisation require a stockpile built up as blending bed. To achieve this, a slewing and luffing stacker ...
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