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Kho chứa và hệ thống giường trộn
In many industries large quantities of bulk materials have to be stored between process steps. As an additional function, such buffer storage systems are often used to homogenise material qualities or to blend different products. If the quantity of the material exceeds a certain magnitude, automatic ...
Máy dỡ đống đa chức năng dạng cầu - cổng
A design outstanding for its versatility, developed by SCHADE, is the portal bridge reclaimer which, in contrary to the conventional bridge-type reclaimers, has the distinctive advantage of reclaiming and blending several stockpiles of various bulk materials arranged in line. This multiple purpose ...
Máy cào dỡ đống dạng cầu
The maximum blending effect is no doubt achieved with the bridge-type scraper reclaimer combined with the relevant stacking method.
Máy Đánh Đống
Depending on the stacking method defined by the type of stockyard, buffer or blending bed, stacking in open stockyards of longitudinal shape is performed with stackers equipped with a travelling and a luffing or luffing and slewing mechanism. Feeding of the stacker itself is made by a belt conveyor ...
Máy cào dỡ đống dạng cổng và bán cổng
Larger stockyards with a span exceeding 30 m are operated with a portal scraper reclaimer. Already in 1978 SCHADE engineers designed and built a portal scraper reclaimer for an open cast coal mine in South Africa with a span of 50.5 m to reclaim 2.125 t/h coal, which at that time was the worldwide ...
Máy cào dỡ đống dạng cần
The first scraper reclaimer ever to blend and reclaim coal in a power station was a SCHADE reclaimer installed at the VKR power station (today EON) in Scholven, Germany, a milestone for modern coal handling operations with automated stockpile systems. The initial machine was designed as cantilever ...
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