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Máy cào dỡ đống dạng cổng và bán cổng

Máy cào dỡ đống dạng cổng và bán cổng

Hãng sản xuất : Aumund-Vận chuyển VL rời

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Larger stockyards with a span exceeding 30 m are operated with a portal scraper reclaimer. Already in 1978 SCHADE engineers designed and built a portal scraper reclaimer for an open cast coal mine in South Africa with a span of 50.5 m to reclaim 2.125 t/h coal, which at that time was the worldwide largest portal reclaimer ever built. This outstanding performance was soon followed by a portal scraper reclaimer to reclaim 1.000 t/h limestone in a USA cement plant and a further portal scraper reclaimer with a span of 50 m for a cement plant in Canada.

Developments during the following years resulted in ever larger machines such as two portal scraper reclaimers installed at a coal mine in Australia to reclaim 3.100 t/h coal with a span of 52 m or a portal scraper reclaimer of innovative design commissioned in 2000 in a power plant in Germany. This reclaimer of special design allows to reclaim 2.400 t/h lignite with just one scraper boom, a world record. Today, SCHADE engineers build portal scraper reclaimers for stockyards of 63 m with a reclaim capacity of up to 4.000 t/h and machines with a span of 70 m are soon to come. As a standard, SCHADE portal scraper reclaimers for large span stockpiles, whether for indoor or outdoor operation, are fitted with a boom guide to withstand horizontal forces and avoid unstable movements of the free end of the scraper boom. The boom guide was first introduced and patented by SCHADE. The portal structure, as a further standard, is designed and built as a welded box girder.

For operation in A-frame buildings, scraping is performed by means of two scraper booms forming one unit. The hinged link of particular design connecting both booms in the centre ensures that the discharging end of the additional boom is always in a higher position than the top of the main scraper boom. This typical SCHADE design guarantees perfect discharge conditions while eliminating the risk of boom collision.

Máy cào dỡ đống dạng cổng và bán cổng
Máy cào dỡ đống dạng cổng và bán cổng
Máy cào dỡ đống dạng cổng và bán cổng
Máy cào dỡ đống dạng cổng và bán cổng
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