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Các thiết bị phụ trợ

Các thiết bị phụ trợ

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Supplied only with the SAMSON™ and Shiploader equipment B&W offer a range of ancillary conveyor products including the Steep-Angle design based on Side-Wall Belt technology plus the “Kleen-Line” for dust and spillage control and other systems where a package is required for a complete installation.Steep-Angle Conveyors offer a compact installation where vertical bucket elevators may not be appropriate allowing inclination up to 90 degrees with high conveying rates and the ability to handle abrasive and lumpy materials.


Quayside Conveyors based on either Trippers or Reversing Shuttle designs supplied in conjunction with Mobile Shiploaders to transfer material from local storage.

Kleen-Line Feeders and Conveyors with continuous side support offer a spillage free and dust contained solution when handling difficult materials for transfer from the SAMSON™ to Bucket Elevators or other process plant.

Các thiết bị phụ trợ
Các thiết bị phụ trợ
Các thiết bị phụ trợ
Các thiết bị phụ trợ
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