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Băng tải xích kéo

Băng tải xích kéo

Hãng sản xuất : Aumund-Vận chuyển VL rời

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Gải pháp vận chuyển với thếit kế chịu tải va đập cao.


The LOUISE chain conveyor has proven itself above all as a solution for the transport of difficult bulk materials. The chain conveyors are equipped with forged and surface hardened forked-link chains in single or double strand versions, in order to achieve an optimal tensile strength. The sprockets are strengthened in areas exposed to wear; the sprockets are generally separated for straightforward replacement. The tension stations are configured in such a way that they match the bulk material characteristics and the conveying geometry– horizontal, angled or vertical – for an optimum and slip-free transport. The dust-tight constructional parts (standard parts) are also available in shock pressure proven design for the feeding of coal mills. Main application areas for the use of chain conveyors are the loading of silos for various industrial processes, the unloading of silos and bunkers, filter-dust handling and coal mill feeding up to 3.5 bar.

Băng tải xích kéo
Băng tải xích kéo
Băng tải xích kéo
Băng tải xích kéo
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