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Băng tải gầu BZB

Băng tải gầu BZB

Hãng sản xuất : Aumund-Vận chuyển VL rời

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Từ kích thước gầu tiêu chuẩn cho đến khổ rộng 1,600 mm

The bucket apron conveyor, type BZB 250, is the suitable solution for conveying systems with up to 60° incline. The narrow curve radius offers a significant advantage for plant designs with limited space. The conveyor is designed, amongst other things for heavy-duty applications and can resist high temperatures. An important feature is the close bucket arrangement which allows conveying of very fine-grained, dust generating materials. To increase the bucket stability and guarantee safe operation, the bucket floor is furnished with an integral traverse.

Depending on the individual plant requirements, the overlapping of the buckets occurs either forwards or backwards. Standard bucket sizes are possible up to a width of 1,600 mm. Frequency controlled motors permit matching conveying speed to varying conveying capacities. Monitoring of the bucket content level or of the drive unit illustrate one part of the equipment.

Băng tải gầu BZB
Băng tải gầu BZB
Băng tải gầu BZB
Băng tải gầu BZB
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