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Băng tải cấp liệu định lượng

Băng tải cấp liệu định lượng

Hãng sản xuất : Aumund-Vận chuyển VL rời

Ứng dụng : 

- Xi măng

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Chủ yếu dùng cho các máy nghiền xi măng

Thanks to the adaptable geometry of the AUMUND plate conveyors, the weigh-feeder is employable for metered feeding and metered discharge of the most varied of bulk materials. The carrier-plates of the AUMUND deep-drawn pan conveyor are used for the transport of dust-laden, granular bulk materials: of special note here are clinker, metallurgical sand and petcoke.

The weigh-feeder is particularly suitable for metered feeding of the cement mill with clinker. For mill feeding on the raw material side as well as on the end-product side, the weigh-feeder is also available in a completely housed and pressure-tight version. For metered discharge of partially sticky bulk materials with poor flow properties such as clay, gypsum, marl, limestone or pozzuolana, the arched plate conveyor with its arched, curved carrier plates is the recommended version.

Belt-weigher with deep drawn pan conveyor
(Type KZB) /with arched plate conveyor (Type BPB)

Controlled feeding of mills

The weigh feeder with deep-drawn pan type KZB is suitable for coarse bulk materials with fine particles such as clinker, granulated blast-furnace slag and petcoke. The direct weighing rail, which is integrated into the construction, is located at the drive station and controls the actual unloaded volumes.

Given its versatility, the weigh-feeder can – with a deep-drawn pan conveyor or an arched plate conveyor – convey all types of bulk material. The weigh-feeder with KZB has its application mainly in controlled feeding of mills or crushers. The weigh-feeder with arched-plate conveyor type BPB is designed for cementitious materials such as clay, gypsum, marl, limestone or pozzuolana.

Băng tải cấp liệu định lượng
Băng tải cấp liệu định lượng
Băng tải cấp liệu định lượng
Băng tải cấp liệu định lượng
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