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Optibelt has a long history in Germany. The company has specialized research laboratories to produce high quality products, making it the leading manufacturer of high performance transmission belts.

In heavy duty applications such as jaw crusher, hammer crusher, big fans ... in cement production line, mining, metallurgy ... belt drive plays a very important role.

Optibelt develops specialized products for this particular purpose in order to bring our customers the following benefits:

1. Reduce belt consumption

Due to the high quality and extended belt life, reliable working process, the consumption level of belts within 1 year will drop, hence reduce costs.

2. Reduced maintenance costs

Extended service life, reliable working process, low elongation, particularly “Redpower” belts, have optimum tension throughout service life.

3. Reducing unexpected shutdown problem

The unexpected shutdown problem is a very undesirable incident, sometimes results in serious losses to the whole operation of production line. With high-quality belts from Optibelt, this will be minimized to the maximum extent; our belts are 30% to 50% more durable compared to classical belts, together with technical supports regarding regular inspections and belt drive adjustment.

4. Increasing transmission efficiency, reduce energy costs.

Optibelt’s standard belt performance reaches 97%, 3% higher compared to classical belts. In this case, we would be able to save 3% on energy cost. Especially with the heavy duty equipment, the 3% of energy costs in one year will be great enough to offset the costs of original belts.

5. A team of technical advisors for each specific application when needed.

Vu Minh Co., Ltd. as a supplier of Optibelt products in Vietnam, has a team of professional engineers, ready to consult and solve the problems customers encounter.

In addition, we also offer consulting services in “can chinh day dai” to ensure the accuracy of installation, hence improve service life, stability of belt drive and equipment.

Some products:

Optibelt SK S = C Plus

The wrapped Optibelt SK wedge belt has been developed with mechanical engineering in mind. It transmits substantially more power than the classical V-belt with comparable top width, e.g. section SPB and section B/17.

The wrapped wedge belt has the famous Optibelt S=C PLUS attributes with an efficiency of approx. 97 % and is suitable for use in sets without additional measurement.


● Wrapped wedge belts according to DIN/ISO/BS

● Extremely high performance

● Compact, space-saving shape

● High belt speed

● Superior price/performance ratio

● Low maintenance costs

● S=C PLUS Set Constant, can be used in sets without further measurement

Optibelt Red POWER 3 – maintenance-free

The next generation of RED POWER 3 V-belts and kraftbands produces results that are really worth talking about: up to 50 % more performance while at the same time cutting costs by up to 35 %.

Optimized production processes and consistent improvement of raw materials have led to these excellent results. The cost savings are explained as follows:

Fewer belts + narrower pulleys + space saving= less costs


• High performance V-belt

• Up to 50 % higher power ratings

• Maintenance-free; optimum tension throughout service life

• Homogeneous, coordinated integration: belt – flank – V-grooved pulleys

• Reduced pulley groove wear due to optimized cover fabric

• S=C plus Set Constant, can be use in sets without further measurement

• Up to 97 % drive efficiency

• Antistatic according to ISO 1813, compatible with ATEX

• Environmentally friendly

• Improved smooth running behaviour and low vibration

• High resistance to shock loads

• Suitable for use with back bend idlers

• Less downtimes

• Up to 100 ˚C temperature resistant


The application examples are endless, as the Optibelt RED POWER 3 is available in lengths ranging from 1,200 mm to 12,700 mm.


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